• Sandra Lange Performance & Research


    Sandra Lange is a performance designer and researcher whose frictional crip creative practice is situated in the Netherlands. The spaces, encounters, and trainings she designs are rooted in bodymind based practices, offering shared activities of felt thinking that resist oppression by the norm.

    The work evokes public debate on social injustice, driven by a fascination for the role of social stigma. The desire for equitable ways of being together serves as a compass for the investigation of subjects such as ableism, racism, mysogyny, loneliness, death or shame. 

    Lange is a collaborator in the Trainings for the Not-Yet by Jeanne van Heeswijk, recently at the New School of the Vera List Center in New York, and has been affiliated with BAK in Utrecht since 2017. 


[Image description: the image shows a woman that is standing in the middle of a forest. She is holding up a polaroid picture, that shows her face while smiling at the camera. The woman has red short hair and is wearing red lipstick, brown glasses, a black jacket and a white singlet stating 'Money can't buy me love'.]



e  contact@sandralange.nl