• I see you.


    What if...time would stop, the frame would freeze and I would really see you? Maybe my brilliant failure of a life resembles yours a hell of a lot more than I think? I SEE YOU. is a performance on the struggle we call being human.

    PERFORMANCE DESIGN Sandra Lange | PERFORMERS Ilse Horstman | Monique Huisman | Allard Muis | Jacques Overeem | Wieke Rasing | Céline Stevens | Jeanet Tonnema | Hendrik Visscher | PRODUCTION Monique Huisman | Wieke Rasing | VIDEO DESIGN Thomas Bos | INTERACTION DESIGN Iwein Reimerink |  EXECUTIVE THEATRE DESIGN Eddy Dijkslag | DESIGN Maren Lösing

    This production was presented in Zwolle in a shopping mall and was made possible by Municipality Zwolle, the Production Fund Oost-Nederland, Müller Commercial Real Estate, the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and Productiehuis Brabant.