An angel with knowledge of blood offers the audience a healthy serving of reflection. A slaughter house employee dissects his world, including the parts that usually remain undiscussed. Indefectable and brutally honest this 'killer' fillets his world, where meat smells sweet and stupor is a survival mechanism. What are the consequences of being responsible for the life or death of another creature?

    PERFORMANCE DESIGN Sandra Lange | PERFORMANCE Niels Kuiters | CHOREOGRAPHY Marie Goeminne | DRAMATURGY Robbert van Heuven | THEATRE DESIGN Lonneke Cuppen | SOUND DESIGN Fieke van den Hurk | LIGHT DESIGN  Vinny Jones | TECHNiCIAN Marcel Lugtenborg | DESIGN Viesrood Ontwerpers | PUBLICITY IMAGE  Tiepes | PHOTO Jordi Huisman | PRODUCTION Productiehuis Brabant

    This production was presented at Festival Boulevard in Den Bosch as well as the City Festival in Zwolle and was made possible by Municipality Zwolle, the Production Fund Oost-Nederland, the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund, the SNS Reaal Fund, The University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) and Productiehuis Brabant.